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Flomatik is a network services company concentrated in the UK and Northern Europe, specialised in realising Next Generation developments for the IT, Telecommunications, TV and Broadband industries. The company employs a dynamic workforce of 150 personnel to meet its clients’ project demands and possesses an associate network of around 1’000. Today, Flomatik is one of Virgin Media’s largest Professional Services provider and leads the way in NG Network realisation, with a trusted brand and vendor-agnostic service solutions tailored to meet the needs of their clients.


Flomatik was using a project management system that was over-complex, expensive and difficult to navigate yielding minimal benefits to the organization. «As Flomatik’s business has developed into offering more advanced managed service type projects requiring bespoke workflows, alternative PM systems were evaluated that would give the value added project management controls, resource management and more user-friendly user interface at a more competitive price point.»


«The pre-sales support and technical consultancy offered by Genius Project throughout the system evaluation and system set stages was outstanding, and was a big difference from our previous experiences with SaaS providers.» Genius Project’s team always tries its best to make the customer-vendor relationship a collaborative experience, ensuring the solution suits exactly to the client’s business operations and delivery processes.

Genius Project’s intuitive, more sophisticated and customisable user interface has rapidly outweighted the loss of some functionality of Flomatik’s previous tool. «Being able to create gated workflows to suit bespoke project deliveries is a great feature; as is being able to actually track and monitor ‘real’ project progress, risks, and manage project changes.» Flomatik extensively uses the Genius Live feature and finds it very useful for real-time project team communication.

«Genius Project has solved many of our project deployment pains, and whilst others have been introduced with Genius’s operation being ‘different’ to our users known system, again, the support provided by the Genius team has meant we have quickly worked around and resolved the new issues.»

«Purely on purchase and licensing costs, we have saved approximately 40% over 3 years. Using Genius has helped streamline our resource allocation and utilisation processes more efficiently,as we now have an accurate picture of who is utilised on what, for how long, down to the day.»


Genius Project is being used by 150 users at Flomatik, from Administration/ Operations and Project Managers to simple Timesheet users and Customer Contacts.

Thanks to the attention to detail and collaborative way of working from Genius’s Technical Consultant and Account Management, the deployment was a success and quickly executed.

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Matt Harrison
Head of Programmes & Service Development