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Apptivation is a UK based full service mobile agency, specializing in defining and executing mobile strategies for Brands. With over 40 developers working across multiple platforms from their London office, Apptivation has a test center of excellence which adheres to banking standards in order to resolved insurance and security issues.


Faced with poor visibility into resource workloads and capacity across multiple projects, the team at Apptivation made the decision to seek a project management solution that will provide a more accurate picture of project work to better address task distribution and potential bottlenecks.


Following extensive research and evaluation, Apptivation selected Genius Project as their solution of choice. Genius Project delivers a platform independent SaaS application that currently supports Apptivation’s Mac users along with intuitive and powerful reporting and workflow capabilities adaptable to their business.

With resource management as the main driver, Genius Project provides the Apptivation team with the necessary visibility to maximize resource utilization as well as have critical multi-project and portfolio functionality streamlining their project management practice. In addition, Genius Project has armed their team with the necessary project management tools including Gantt charts, risk management, issue tracking, budgeting and timesheets ensuring the continued success of their projects.


Supported by Genius Project’s professional services team, Genius Project was quickly implemented and the Apptivation team of 27 users were fully operational on the system and trained within weeks.

Steven Kingaby,
Program lead