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Workload Scheduler

Genius Project’s unique role-based workflow scheduler can manage any kind of process from the most simplest to the most complex. Workload Scheduler enables Project or Resources managers to precisely schedule on which day the workload should be delivered. Users will be able to select whether this project will be delivered in the morning/afternoon, for a given week, and for all resources.

Workload Scheduling Software Highlights and Benefits

  1. Track workload in a weekly schedule
  2. Observe remaining workload
  3. Automatic real time workload updates
  4. Indicator shows planned end date & delays  
  5. View timetable from Monday to Sunday
  6. Define rules and perform calculations within the form with alert rules
  7. Phase Review support
  8. Group or drill down by Resource, Project, or Assignment

Weekly Workload Scheduler

Genius Project allows project managers to schedule precisely WHEN (which days) each resource will be expected to work on Tasks. It will take into account resource’s existing assignments, personal unavailabilities, public holidays and weekends.

Weekly Workload Scheduler

Resources Weekly Schedule Analysis

Genius Project is a project management solution that offers a unique role-based project workflow scheduler that can manage any kind of projects by resources, by client, project or activity. You can also sort them by workload remaining or by customer to achieve the view most helpful.

Resources Weekly Schedule Analysis
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