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What's New in Version 7.2?

Discover Genius Project V7.2 release 

Genius Project V7.2 has a list of over 150 improvements and some great new features including:

  • A new GeniusLive! personal dashboard, displaying all your work and communications in a single view via your Project Wall
  • Customizable fields allowing you to add news fields on any form and form templates
  • Send and receive email within Genius Project. Genius allows you to manage email communications with external people through standard email threads
  • Access your tasks and To Dos in your Outlook calendar. Genius Project manages ICal feeds to publish information in any ICal compatible calendar
  • Bulk edit directly within list view reports. In numerous list views you can directly update values without opening specific records
  • New way to manage file attachments
  • New Gantt chart, with updated look & feel and enhanced functions


Download What's New in Genius Project V7.2 Document


GeniusLive! Personal dashboard

A new dashboard pane has been added to the right of GeniusLive! This new pane displays all your tasks and To Dos.

With this new Genius Live! dashboard, team members can quickly access most of their project work without referring to the standard menu navigation all within a single screen. In addition, users can also directly update their tasks status from this new dashboard. With the new personal dashboard, users can expect the following benefits: 

  • User-friendly personal dashboard designed for team members
  • Access a more complete view of their work
  • More streamlined way to update work and communicate



Additional customizable fields

Genius Project allows administrator to add custom field in any Genius Project forms. These custom fields will also be available in configurable views for reporting purposes. As a result, you will be able to better adapt Genius Project to your specific requirements without the need of complex customization and/or development. 

Additional customizable fields delivers the flexibility you are looking for:

  • Add custom fields in any Genius Project record or form mapped to your business processes 
  • Standardize the capture of project information to ensure data integrity 
  • Leverage these new fields to build configurable reports with your business specific data



Send and receive email within Genius Project

This new feature in Genius Project allows you to extend your communication with external people who do not have access to the Genius Project system. It is now possible to share any “Generic” record or document via email by simply using the standard email “Forward" action within Genius Project.

In addition to forwarding information to concerned people, Genius Project can receive, answer and manage e-mails threads. You now have one single data repository for all project data including e-mail exchanges.

With this new email function users will be able to:

  • Receive notifications in GeniusLive! when they receive email responses directly in Genius Project
  • Manage emails threads that will be stored Genius Project
  • Leverage this function to push e-mails from your favorite e-mail programs including Outlook and Gmail to Genius Project





iCalendar feeds – Outlook integration

Now users can display their Genius Project tasks and To Dos in their favorite calendar program, including the Outlook calendar, using iCalendar feeds.

With Genius Project's Outlook integration users can expect the following benefits:

  • Automatic synchronization between Genius Project and Outlook
  • Genius Project “feed” in Outlook with Tasks and To Dos 


Editable views – Bulk Edit

Inline edit and bulk edit directly within many list views in Genius Project. In numerous list views you can directly update values without opening specific records.

Enhanced editable views deliver the following benefits:

  • Quicker access to editable records and reduction of mouse clicks
  • User-friendly approach to editing multiple project details

Enhanced Gantt Chart - Genius Planner

Beyond the new look & feel, the Gantt chart has a lot of improvements and new features for faster and easier project planning and scheduling.

The new Genius Planner offers the following enhanced capabilities:

  • Option to define directly in Genius Planner the task properties
  • Rich text description field of the task within the Gantt Chart
  • And much more...





When evaluating Genius Project, we found that it had a great balance between price and available functionalities.The solution is highly customizable to fit one's reality and integrates seamlessly via an open API. They display an excellent knowledge-base via a combination of their experts and web content.

Ibrahima Bah
IT Project Manager

The main reason for selecting Genius Project can be attributed to the first class service delivered by the Genius team confirming that we can build a long standing partnership with a trusted advisor, rather than just a transactional supplier/customer relationship. 

Another big factor in selecting Genius Project is the fact it delivers 90% of what we need today out-of-the-box and has the scalability and flexibility along with its technical team to meet our future needs.  In addition, Genius Project's user-friendly GUI is nice, clean and easy to follow with direct terminology and menu options that can adapt to our business.

Matt Harrison
Head of Programmes & Service Development