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Wash Tec Cleaning Technology Selects Genius Project For Domino as its Primary Project Management Solution

German-based manufacturer simplifies development by consolidating documents in a single location.

MONTRÉAL, CANADA AND GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – (October 13, 2011) – Wash Tec Cleaning Technology GmbH, one of the world’s largest designers and manufacturers of cleaning equipment for car washes, has chosen’s Genius Project for Domino as its primary project management software, announced today. 

Wash Tec chose Genius Project because it was looking for a comprehensive planning and management tool that fit seamlessly into the company’s Lotus Domino environment, which supports the largest installed base of car wash equipment in Europe and manages new product developments well as internal IT. The company has consolidated all of its critical documents in Genius Project, eliminating a file system that spread documents on servers and desktop hard drives throughout the enterprise.

"Genius Project for Domino uses the existing Domino infrastructure, enabling us to create a simple centralized repository of project-related information and present it in different views. Project maintenance and project presentations as well as preservation of data consistency could be guaranteed through Genius Project,” said Stefan Mayer, Project Leader at Wash Tec. “The flexibility of the system and optional upgrades, the possibility for future extensions and use in other business areas were other convincing aspects in choosing Genius Project.” 

Until 2010, Wash Tec managed development projects with LOP (list of open points) lists and Microsoft Project plans. Documents were saved on a file server or in a product data management system. Lotus Notes was used as a calendar and mail system. Wash Tec needed a tool to simplify project management by filing all documents at a central place and building on existing systems. 

"When companies are adopting new technology to improve their efficiency, it’s self-defeating for companies to change their internal processes or incumbent technologies,“ said Christian Kotzbauer, director at Germany. "With the flexibility we’ve designed into Genius Project, and the range of platforms it can operate on, we can offer solutions that adapt to companies’ business processes instead of the other way around.“ 

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