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Genius Inside’s web-based services can help you improve your project management capabilities and methods by leveraging internet technologies that facilitate communication, accelerate knowledge transfer, reduce response time, offer a more flexible schedule and ensure consistent application of processes.

To help you successfully manage how your Genius Project software will evolve in response to your company’s changing strategies, operational requirements and technologies, Genius Inside provides you high quality services with short response time and delivery.

Genius Inside's consulting team provides you personal training to get started with Genius Project or to get complementary training. E-training is a set of 2 hour online sessions with exercises to be completed between sessions. Our online training is geared to assist you to implement, configure and make optimal use of Genius Project to ensure your success.

Professional Services - in the unlikely event that you are unable to configure Genius Project or if you have very specific requirements, our Professional Services Team is on hand to guide you through the configuration. Our Solutions Consultants will discuss your individual requirements and provide you with a detailed implementation plan.


When evaluating Genius Project, we found that it had a great balance between price and available functionalities.The solution is highly customizable to fit one's reality and integrates seamlessly via an open API. They display an excellent knowledge-base via a combination of their experts and web content.

Ibrahima Bah
IT Project Manager

The main reason for selecting Genius Project can be attributed to the first class service delivered by the Genius team confirming that we can build a long standing partnership with a trusted advisor, rather than just a transactional supplier/customer relationship. 

Another big factor in selecting Genius Project is the fact it delivers 90% of what we need today out-of-the-box and has the scalability and flexibility along with its technical team to meet our future needs.  In addition, Genius Project's user-friendly GUI is nice, clean and easy to follow with direct terminology and menu options that can adapt to our business.

Matt Harrison
Head of Programmes & Service Development