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Stage and Gate Review Support

Genius Project allows your organization to support any phase and gate review process you have in place or are looking to adopt. In turn, you will be able to better manage and prioritize product ideas, ensure that your best resources are working on the most promising projects, and facilitate the delivery of your projects on time. Genius Project supports the complete life-cycle of new product development projects.

Stage and Gate Review Support Highlights and Benefits

  1. Reduce time to market
  2. Improve quality management & assurance
  3. Streamline your gated and approval process
  4. Improve project portfolios, projects and resource visibility
  5. Ensure compatibility with industry processes and standards, Phase or Gate Review and Approval, APQP, etc

Powerful Tracking of your NPD Pipeline

Genius Project delivers the best in class stage review support and new product development software features allowing for configurable evaluation criteria that will provide a more accurate view of your NPD project pipeline. Project teams can adhere to their phase review methodology by generating project Stage Review charts to see the progress of projects in different portfolios and facilitates decision making by project stakeholders.

Powerful Tracking of your NPD Pipeline

Transform Standard Milestones into Gates

Supporting your new product development projects, Genius Project allows you to easily configure a standard project milestone in a plan to support your gated process and project phase review methodology. Project milestones can be converted into Gates with their unique approval project work flow and score cards supporting your process and metrics in assessing a project’s viability at each critical stage in your NPD projects. 

Transform Standard Milestones into Gates

Leverage and Configure Approval Workflows

Genius Project's new product development software capabilities provide pre-built stage review project workflows that are configurable to meet your organization’s approval and gated process. With the project workflow engine the approval and gated process can be mapped to your stage review methodology, project milestones, unique business terminology and requirements delivering complete phase review support for all your NPD projects.

Leverage and Configure Approval Workflows
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