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Stadt Sindelfingen


The city of Sindelfingen, with over 60,000 inhabitants, is the largest city in the district of Böblingen.  It is known for its high concentration of companies – small, medium as well as global businesses. This makes Sindelfingen an important business location in the Baden-Wuerttemberg region.


Project work needed to be made more flexible and more efficient and provide more transparency.
In public administration, a new trend can be observed, which is summarized by the term "New Public Management". It’s  a change in which public administration  can be seen in delivering more efficient and service-oriented administration.

This new development results in a double consequence for public administrations: On one hand, they need to improve their ability to adapt to changing circumstances. On the other hand, they must perform their tasks with increasing efficiency. This is especially true for project work.

For this reason, our goal is to make the project work of the city administration flexible and efficient. Moreover, all stakeholders involved and affected by projects will benefit from this improved transparency.


The wide array of functions provided by Genius Project had confirmed our choice.
The city council chose Genius Project as the project management software of choice. This was due to the great number of features, combined with the ability to support a practical multi-project management environment. Another important deciding factor can be based on the fact that the software is built on Lotus Notes.


Currently, the rollout of Genius Project is taking place. In 2009, a comprehensive test was conducted as part of a pilot project, which has left a positive impression on city of Sindelfingen. In 2010 an increasing number of projects that are of strategic importance will be managed by Genius Project. We expect with this solution an effective control of all upcoming projects.

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