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Solutions for Professional Services

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With the growing number of Professional Services organizations across industries, companies need to differentiate themselves from the competition and surpass customer expectations in order to ensure profitability, with professional services project management. Like no other type of organization, professional services companies have unique requirements centered on leveraging the experience and knowledge of their resources; as well as building, cultivating and maintaining strong client relationships.

Genius Project offers professional services organizations the project management tools for:

  • Advanced project resource management: multiple rate management, skills definitions, location management to optimize employee utilization

  • Timesheets and expense sheets module: record billed hours and expenses

  • Project budgeting and forecasting tools: prepare project quotes and define revenue targets with accurate information

  • Easy to use dashboards: ensure on time delivery and track budget

  • Project collaboration platform: reduce approval cycle and have seamless communication between teams and stakeholders

  • CRM integration: integrate project, acquisition, delivery and follow-up

  • Invoicing module: ability to generate invoices directly from information input into the system

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