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Solutions for IT Departments

Is your IT department demonstrating business value?



As businesses evolve, more and more, Information Technology is moving from a supporting function to a strategic player driving an organization’s success. Today’s CIOs and IT departments understand that without the strategic alignment of IT and the corporate objectives set forth by their business leaders, their organizations can quickly lose momentum, customer confidence, and their competitive edge. In light of this reality, CIOs and IT departments demand better tools to better support their organizations in delivering higher quality service to their stakeholders.

Genius Project delivers CIOs, IT departments, and PMOs with the latest in IT project and portfolio reporting, tracking and execution tools supporting IT Governance, demand management, and service delivery. Tailored to your organization’s business processes, Genius Project provides complete visibility into your project and portfolio lifecycles from demand to successful delivery.

Genius Project for IT projects will help your organization:

  • Improve portfolio, project and resource visibility

  • Streamline project demand

  • Improve quality of service

  • Ensure projects are strategically aligned with corporate objectives

  • Support IT Governance

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