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SNIM (Société Nationale Industrielle & Minière)


The SNIM (Société Nationale Industrielle et Minière) of Mauritania is one of the world’s leading exporter of iron ore. The company extracts approximately 12 million tons of iron per year, and has sold over 400 million tons since 1963.

The company employs 4,500 people and accounts for 15% of Mauritania’s GPD. Through its subsidiaries, it is also present in other economic sectors such as tourism, construction, casting, etc.


To have a project management software allowing the company to closely monitor projects of its strategic programs. "From a strategic point of view, we needed to manage our programs and projects. Having a rigorous monitoring process of project and milestone progress as well as an effective management of approval processes was critical for our company ‘s alignment with its strategic objectives."


An enterprise project management software easy to implement. "We needed a user-friendly software facilitating user adoption and that could be easily integrated with our existing infrastructure."


Greater transparency resulting in a better strategic vision. "With its impressive amount of features, Genius Project allows us to formalize and optimize our processes giving us more transparency, improved monitoring of projects and quicker decision making and response. We got rid of our excel spreadsheets used to follow-up on projects and reduced the number and duration of meetings, by establishing Genius Project as our primary source to monitor and update projects.

Moreover, we have ensured that all stakeholders stay informed of the progress of projects by leveraging the Genius Live! social collaboration platform."

Mohamedou Bamba Ould Meguett
Project Manager and Engineer in the Strategic Management Department of SNIM