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Risk & Change Management

Change is a natural part of any project and every change has its risks. Genius Project lets you control what risks to take and how you manage change.

Risk & Change Management Software Highlights and Benefits

  1. Mitigation plan
  2. Issue Management
  3. Change Management
  4. Risk impact and probability analysis
  5. Analysis of forecast and actual impact

Risk Management

Risk management and change management are crucial to the success of any project. Genius Project is a project management software that allows project team members to contribute to the risk register  for a project, identify severity of the risk, conduct comprehensive risk analysis, and discuss ways to mitigate the risk.  Genius Project provide robust risk management software capabilities to ensure project teams increase their chances for success. 

Risk Management

Project Change Management

Genius Project makes it possible for the project team to clearly document change requests, evaluate the impact, identify the affected items, and translate the new business needs to specific tasks that can be directly assigned to team members. Delivering the best in risk management software,  an integrated routing process helps in the evaluation as well as approval of the change request. The change management function in Genius Project does not simply track change and risk: it lets you estimate the impact that implementing or not implementing changes will have on a project, which ensures that you make the right decision during risk analysis.

Project Change Management

Project Issue Tracking

An issue tracking system in Genius Project allows all stakeholders to submit issue reports and keep track of pending issues in the project management software. Providing the best in change management, issue tracking and risk management software capabilities, the integrated notification reporting and tracking of issues, project changes, and risks helps in project level quality assurance and delivery.

Project Issue Tracking
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