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Project Simulator

Genius Project’s Simulator module offers a sandbox for companies to run project scenarios for existing projects. This testing environment allows project leaders to experiment with project parameters - like resource allocation, capacity, costs - to help them determine the best potential combinations for an optimal project outcome.

Project Simulation Software Highlights and Benefits

  1. Simulation sandbox
  2. Run unlimited project/multi-project scenarios
  3. Resource selection across project databases
  4. Simulations applicable to any project status
  5. View scenarios as interactive Gantt charts
  6. Forecast impact of variations in resources, availabilities and capacity
  7. Compare simulations quantitatively in terms of timeline, workload and cost
  8. Export scenarios to modify current project plans
  9. Reduced manual analysis thanks to task automation wizards

Simulation Scenarios

Scenarios offer the possibility to visualise and quantify different plans before engaging in an existing project; or guide you in dealing with unexpected alterations during a project life cycle such as changes in the objectives or deadlines, additional projects, losses or gains of resources.

Entering new resource, availability or capacity components generates new charts comparing the original project with as many alternate scenarios as you want to explore. By running project scenarios on one or multiple projects, at any given status, plans can be manipulated to forecast and compare impact in terms of staffing, completion time, costs, etc.

Resources can be selected across databases and unavailabilities and capacities can be created anew or modified on existing databases. Resource capacity can be defined by resource types, skill, cost center, department and responsible.

Simulator Definition

Scenario Comparison & Reporting

The primary goal of the simulator lies in the ability to run several scenarios and highlight the differences between them so you can identify the preferred outcome. An unlimited number of scenarios can be created as modified versions of one another - with your choice of varying inputs. Time can be calibrated by day, week or month.

Compare scenarios for different inputs separately or view all scenarios for a given simulation in a single dashboard to easily compare in terms of time, workload and labour costs. Team leader capacity tracking, resource availability and resource allocation by projects are just some of the main metrics for scenario comparison.

Simulator Comparison

Simulation Export & Project Synchronization

After running and comparing simulation scenarios, the optimal outcome can be selected and exported to the actual project environment for implementation. The system will know where to export the desired scenario and the synchronization will be executed according to the status of the existing project; creating a new plan version.

For projects that are still in the planning stage (no initiated tasks), the simulation will entirely override the existing project plan found in the project database. Any additional project members from the simulation will automatically be updated in the project description. The synchronization of a simulation with on-going projects will cause tasks and deliverables to be modified, added or left alone depending on their actual status at the time of import.

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