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Project Planning & Gantt Chart

Gantt Charts are a commodity that every project management solution needs to provide. Genius Project is a project management software that offers its own Java based Gantt charting tool, Genius Planner, as well as tight integration with Microsoft Project. With Genius Project you have choice.

Project Planning & Gantt Chart Software Highlights and Benefits

  1. Enhanced Project Charter
  2. Powerful Gantt chart
  3. Easy resource and team scheduling
  4. Multi-project Gantt chart
  5. What-if scenario
  6. MS Project two way integration
  7. Manage cross project resource usage and allocation conflict
  8. Streamline planning processes and task list distribution

Genius Planner Gantt Chart

Genius Planner is a comprehensive online software providing complete scheduling, task management and project planning functions in the form of a Gantt chart. Genius Planner is a Gantt chart creator and a popular alternative to Microsoft Gantt charts created in Microsoft Project or Excel.  Genius Planner allowing you to visually plan and modify your projects, assign and link your tasks, determine a timeline and estimate costs while managing resources.

Genius Planner Gantt Chart Software

Multi Project Gantt Chart

Genius Project presents its latest Portfolio Gantt which incorporates a multi-project Gantt chart that provides global visibility on progress & timelines of multiple projects at once. This will give you visibility on interdependencies, enabling you to better analyze your workload. It also gives you the possibility to view details at the task & milestone level and allows you to edit items from multiple projects on one single Gantt chart.

Multi Project Gantt Chart Software

Enhanced Project Charter

Genius Project provides web based software that provide the ability to build a comprehensive project charter where you can detail and share project objectives and more, including budget, definable fields for reporting, critical success factors and all other mission critical data related to your project.  Project charter definitions can  be based on an existing PMI template or on your own project charter sample through a secure cloud PPM system.  

Enhanced Project Charter

Microsoft Project Integration

Genius Project's web based software provides a unique online integration with Microsoft Project's Gantt chart and its own planning tool Genius Planner that enables the export and import of any plan residing in Microsoft Project. In addition to this, it allows you to synchronize a Microsoft Project plan from anywhere within the project repository and import project templates that may already reside in your Microsoft Project planner.  

Microsoft Project Integration
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