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Project Management Office

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Genius Project is a project management software that provides high-level project portfolio management views for visibility into portfolios across your entire organization. Project portfolios can be grouped by hierarchical breakdown, such as business unit, division and department, by categories across the hierarchy or both. This provides a powerful enterprise-wide view of project statuses, budget variance and completion timelines for all of your projects, within a single location.

The portfolio dashboard brings together the critical elements of portfolio monitoring, such as budgets, timelines, metrics and risks, into a graphical interface using drill-downs and charts. Trouble areas can be quickly identified providing executives and PMOs the simple tools they need to maintain high level overviews or drill-down into the details.

Advanced consolidation functions allow executives to define aggregate views of project information based on their specific needs. Consolidation and portfolio functions provide a global and consolidated overview of project activity.

Using the Genius Project Key Performance Indicators, you can effectively align projects with corporate strategies. This KPI module is designed to translate your organization’s mission and business strategies into performance measures and operating objectives. It allows you to align project impact with corporate strategies, to maximize ROI and to ensure that the project selection and prioritization process is done according to defined objectives and goals.

  • Align Project Portfolio and Business Strategy

  • Project Portfolio Dashboard

  • Advanced Project Portfolio Consolidation Functions

  • Genius Project for Domino’s Key Performance Indicators

  • Balance budget and budget management

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