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Outlook Integration

Send and receive email within Genius Project

This new feature in Genius Project allows you to extend your communication with external people who do not have access to the Genius Project system. It is now possible to share any “Generic” record or document via email by simply using the standard email “Forward" action within Genius Project.

In addition to forwarding information to concerned people, Genius Project can receive, answer and manage e-mails threads. You now have one single data repository for all project data including e-mail exchanges.

With this new email function users will be able to:

  • Receive notifications in GeniusLive! when they receive email responses directly in Genius Project
  • Manage emails threads that will be stored Genius Project
  • Leverage this function to push e-mails from your favorite e-mail programs including Outlook and Gmail to Genius Project





iCalendar feeds – Outlook integration

Now users can display their Genius Project tasks and To Dos in their favorite calendar program, including the Outlook calendar, using iCalendar feeds.

With Genius Project's Outlook integration users can expect the following benefits:

  • Automatic synchronization between Genius Project and Outlook
  • Genius Project “feed” in Outlook with Tasks and To Dos 
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