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New Version of Genius Project Project Simulator Shows the Way to Lower Costs and Better Results

Genius Simulator gives project managers a visual tool for comparing scenarios and making informed decisions when projects change.

MONTRÉAL, CANADA AND GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – (February 16, 2011) – Genius Project today took the guess work out of project planning with a new version of its Genius Simulator project simulation tool that provides visual, side-by-side comparisons of project scenarios.

Genius Simulator, a module of the Genius Project portfolio and project management solution, enables project teams to experiment with project parameters, such as time and budget, to determine the most cost-effective route for completing projects. Genius Simulator helps project teams compensate for unexpected events like a deadline change to an existing project, modified objectives, addition of a new project, loss or addition of resources. Genius Simulator displays projects as interactive Gantt charts. When users enter new information, the simulator generates a new chart comparing the original project with as many alternate scenarios as they want to explore. The charts illustrate differences in metrics such as time to completion, staffing, costs, etc. The new version of Genius Simulator also automates tasks with wizards, removing many manual steps from the analysis process.

“Very few projects go from start to finish with no changes. Companies’ priorities shift depending on business conditions, and suddenly one project has to take precedence. Or they have to start a new project and make it a top priority. Scenarios like these mean moving people and budgets and schedules. The impact of those moves shouldn’t left to intuition and guesswork,” said Christophe Borlat, managing director sales and marketing at G\ “Genius Simulator lets everyone from the front lines to the executive level see graphical representations of how changes affect projects across the company.”

In addition to Genius Simulator, Genius Project product portfolio management solutions – Genius Project On Demand PPM and Genius Project for Domino – provide a 360-degree view of resources, budgets and earnings, plus direct visibility into project statuses. Key functions include resource, portfolio and document management; time and cost tracking; dashboards and reporting; and invoicing and collaboration. Genius Project integrates with major project-related enterprise applications such as enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and help desk.

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