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New Gantt Chart Tool by Genius Project Embraces Latest Technology Trends

Genius Project Releases its Genius Planner HTML5 V1.0

Lucerne, Switzerland - October 2nd, 2017 - Genius Project a leading provider of project management software has announced the release of the newest version of its Gantt chart tool, Genius Planner HTML5.

The software provider has evolved its notable Gantt chart tool using the latest HTML technology, making it more dynamic and even easier to use. Genius Planner HTML5 V1.0 is compatible with all major browsers.

At present, the first version of Genius Planner HTML5 includes 90% of the features from the original planner, along with new enhancements such as the ability to drag & drop items, calculate workload data, change status and priorities within the view, and select which columns to be displayed.

Future developments will also include optimized printing functionality, versioning of plan documents and MS Project import and export options. With a solid roadmap in place, Genius Planner HTML5 V1.0 will combine all the capabilities of the original planner, together with additional improvements by the close of 2017.

Existing Genius Project customers are currently being migrated to this new planner, and all new clients will automatically receive the new Genius Planner with their purchase of the software.

This new release is a reflection of Genius Project’s continued commitment to adapting to client needs and to stay ahead of the curve of new technology advancements.

For information regarding the migration process please contact Genius Project.