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Microsoft Project Integration

Helping you do more with your existing tools 

You can keep planning your project with Microsoft Project; just add Genius Project, a collaborative platform with portfolio, document, resource and risk management and more. Genius Project is a project management software that allows employees to view Microsoft Project plans without needing Microsoft Project installed on their desktop. 

Microsoft Project Integration Highlights and Benefits

  • Bidirectional
  • No additional .EXE/.DLL
  • Web-enabled
  • No ODBC connection
  • No additional RDBMS
  • Centralized resource pool
  • Generic resource support
  • Supports Microsoft Project 98 and later

Interface with Microsoft Project

Most organizations want to use their existing scheduling tool; Genius Project interfaces with many of these tools. Genius Project makes the most of your current applications by automatically synchronizing your scheduling and planning tool with the data in your project reference system (timesheet, task, timetables or deliverables) and also allows you to import a Microsoft Project file into Genius Project. Simply synchronize Microsoft Project plans with Genius Project.


Alternative to Microsoft Project Server (EPM)

When your organization has grown beyond a certain point, you know that you need more than just a scheduling tool like Microsoft Project to help manage your projects. Most medium to large sized companies use or are looking to deploy Enterprise Project Management to support, plan and follow-up their core business processes. Regardless of your company’s industry, the ultimate goal is the same: maximize project performance and give more visibility from project initiation through delivery.

To achieve this goal, an organization using Microsoft Project must be able to:

  • Centralize and share Microsoft Project plans

  • Consolidate and better manage project teams across all projects

  • Consolidate resource usage across all projects

  • Have an easy-to-use timesheet user interface

  • Manage project related documents

  • Manage issues and risks

  • Improve collaboration in and across projects

  • Easily access project data through a web client

  • Consolidate both non-project related and project related activities in personal calendars

  • Produce status reports


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