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Project Management Software Accessible Across Your Supply Chain

In today’s global economy manufacturers are leveraging multiple geographies to increase margins and profitability. To take advantage of the economies of scale, the manufacturing industry has developed complex supply chains resulting in globally dispersed teams and facilities around the globe. In light of this reality, manufacturers are faced with the challenge of effectively managing projects across multiple geographies and time zones. In addition, language and cultural barriers add a level of complexity to an organization’s project management processes. Consequently, manufacturers are seeking effective strategies to facilitate their delivery of projects without negatively impacting the critical flow of their supply chain.

Genius Project supports a wide array of projects managed by the manufacturing industry. Whether it be new product development (NPD) or compliance and CapEx projects, Genius Project’s flagship project and portfolio management (PPM) software, delivers better collaboration and visibility across project activities, portfolios, resource utilization and documents facilitating the tracking and reporting of project progress and costs.

Genius Project: Designed to Map to the Business Processes of Manufacturers

It is not uncommon for manufacturers to design a product in one location, manufacture it in another, and distribute it in multiple locations across oceans and borders. This complex web of dispersed teams and facilities common to manufacturers requires tools, such as manufacturing project management software that can support their project management processes. Genius Project delivers a process-driven PPM solution built on a highly configurable workflow engine that allows manufacturers to manage phase-review processes, adhere to regulatory compliance and industry standards, and map to industry specific business processes

In addition, Genius Project will map your business and approval processes to your portfolio of projects supporting initiatives such as New Product Development, Facilities Management, Capital Expenditure and IT projects. We have helped project stakeholders better manage their demand, prioritize their projects and portfolios; track progress and costs of activities; and improve visibility on resource allocation and utilization.

Partial list of projects supported by our customers

  • New Product Development

  • Infrastructure

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Information Technology – e.g. ERP, SCM, CRM, etc.

  • Capital Expenditure

  • Human Resource

  • Marketing and Communications

  • Service Maintenance

  • Quality Improvement and Lean Initiatives

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