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Loxam Group


Loxam is Europe’s leading rental service for tools and machinery for the construction, public works and manufacturing industries.

Founded in 1967, Loxam has approximately 3,900 employees across 528 offices in Europe, with annual revenues of 700 millions euros. Loxam’s IT department employs a team of 60 internal and external people responsible for different domains: technical, development, infrastructure, etc. 


Struggled to effectively manage the work of a diverse team across the different domains. Needed to improve visibility into IT. 

"After a first unsuccessful attempt with Microsoft Project Server, we were looking for a comprehensive project management offering that delivered the necessary collaboration to improve the way we work. We were using MS Excel and MS Project documents to manage our activities. We quickly realized that these documents were not giving us the visibility we needed. Information was difficult to centralize. Everyone had their own version of the truth. We simply did not have a very good visibility into our projects and their related activities.” 


Genius Project - an enterprise solution

“We were attracted to many aspects of Genius Project: its powerful functionality and of course its collaborative capabilities. We especially liked the document management and seamless integration with our email system. Genius Project has become our single point of reference for all our projects and activities. In addition, Genius Project supports us locally and in our own language.”

Genius Project deployment - Integrates quick adoption by all team members

“After only three days of onsite configuration and training of the pilot team by Genius Project's consultant, we were able to deploy the solution to all team members in IT within two weeks. Initially we managed to roll out the application to our internal team. Our strategy was to focus on all organizational aspects such as entering project information in real time. For us, the key element for our successful implementation was the effective communication of the system’s benefits for our user base (including all team members).” 


True visibility for IT 

 "Thanks to Genius Project, we now have one tool for managing our project data. This allows us to easily share information with our management team, which has created better visibility and an increased knowledge of our accomplishments within the company. 

Genius Project has provided us with complete project management functionality, including Gantt chart and planning capabilities via its Genius Planner, portfolio management, document management, reporting, and collaboration. These tools are helping us do our job better and quicker. In a single solution, we are able to manage the entire project lifecycle. Moreover, the timesheets feature allows us to enter details that empower us to track actuals against planned work. It’s the perfect way to follow up on existing projects and to forecast our projects pipeline.”


 "Although we are greatly benefitting from the solution and it features, we recognize that the support from and accessibility to the Genius Project team has been instrumental in our successful implementation of Genius Project. This solution has delivered capabilities beyond project management. Genius Project brings a new collaborative dimension to project management.”

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