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Workflow Engine for IBM Lotus Notes/Domino

The ability to support your approval and business processes is critical to tracking your projects while keeping all your stakeholders in the loop.

Genius Project leverages the Lotus Notes/Domino role-based workflow engine to ensure your organization can manage any kind of process from the most simple to the most complex; this can include parallel review and approval, conditional transition, automatic data and document creation.  In addition, Genius Project's Lotus Notes workflow can incorporate the desired flow cycles, gates, typical phase reviews and approvals that meet your organizational requirements.

Workflow Engine Software Highlights and Benefits

  • Approval Cycle
  • Roles based workflow engine
  • Automatic distribution
  • Email and to-do notifications
  • Business rules engine
  • Document creation
  • Phase Review support
  • Pre-configured workflows


Workflow Definition

Document Workflow

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