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IT Project Execution

Take control of your balancing act

Genius Project is an ideal project management software for any IT department. It allows you to manage, track and improve IT department performance by providing enhanced project visibility and resource management tools. With Genius Project, IT departments will be better equipped to face the budget and resource constraints of today by being able to closely monitor forecasted and actual labour and costs.

Genius Project is a project and project portfolio management software that allows for complete project execution through:

  • Project Planning and Scheduling (Gantt Chart)

  • Resource Management

  • Project Control and Tracking

  • Time and Expense Tracking

  • Document Management and Collaboration

  • Comprehensive Budget and Forecasting

In a single environment, Genius Project brings a comprehensive vision of your IT activities enabling better managed projects by ensuring complete control over your resource load, costs and budgets in a collaborative environment. Genius Project allows for resource scheduling, budget and cost management and tracking; project planning, reporting and billing; and collaboration and document management capabilities. In addition, IT can effectively plan investments and resources mapped to their unique organizational structure.







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