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IT Project Delivery

Time Management

An IT department’s performance is the sum of its workforce’s activities. The actions of each individual affects customer satisfaction, the quality of work completed and even how well a new business process or software solution is adopted. Genius Project provides the means to observe and measure individual and team performance through its role-based user interface, promoting participation and mentoring to enhance the overall quality of IT service delivery.

Genius Project provides real-time views of IT service delivery so that CIOs, IT managers and line-of-business counterparts can understand the impact that IT services have on business operations.

Genius Project helps you deliver IT services more effectively by:

  • Facilitating the tracking of SLAs

  • Improve operational efficiency,

  • Reduce costs and increase satisfaction with IT services

  • Align its services with business-critical objectives

  • Record all requests for IT services and tracking

  • Managing requests through prioritization, planning and execution

  • Offering configurable workflows for pre-approved requests

Organizations that deploy Genius Project can automate core processes, help control costs and manage risks, all while improving customer satisfaction and IT alignment with the business.

Budget Management

One of the biggest challenges IT department’s face is the ability to align and track budgets to both long term and short term projects. In many cases, IT budgets are attributed for each period (either per quarter or per year). The challenge is to allocate this budget to various projects and items and to divide financing for long term projects over multiple budget periods. This activity is often linked to budget reviews and approvals, which requires the ability to manage different versions of the same budget.

With Genius Project all of the elements necessary for cost and budget management of your projects are at your fingertips. Reporting, managing and the ability to have an overview of the discrepancies, provide a clear and accurate picture of budget status.

Genius Project allows for:

  • Project Cost and Budget Management

  • Rate Management

  • Cash Flow

  • Split budget over several years, budget review

  • Budgeting capabilities for IT, with multi-rate and multiple currencies

Genius Project adapts to your budget management requirements, regardless of whether your budgets are annual, quarterly or based on one or multiple cost centers. It allows you to track required cash flow for each project period and highlight budget drifts by measuring Project Performance vs. Budgets, Planned vs. Actual, and Expenditures vs. Estimated Work for Completion. In addition, Genius has the ability to maintain multiple rate matrices in multiple currencies that establish bill and cost rates for labor, expenses, and materials.


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