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IT Governance Framework

Is your IT working for you?

IT governance is a structure of processes to direct and control IT decision making and to support risk management and compliance with corporate strategy. The main objective of IT governance is to ensure that IT delivers value and to measure IT performance. IT governance is about managing technology investments; specifically, it is always validating the return on these investments and addressing alignment with organizational strategies and principles and the contribution to the overall strategic objectives.

Genius Project makes it easy to achieve IT Governance through:

  • Project Portfolio (strategic alignment)

  • Cost and Budget tracking (value delivery)

  • Resource management

  • Risk management

  • Performance measurement

The bottom line is that Genius Project believes that the ability to direct and control the enterprise to achieve its goals while balancing risk versus return is paramount to any IT Governance plan. Businesses must make certain that IT and business alignment is achieved via a systematic, comprehensive governance process. The use of automation to reduce costs, improve visibility, and reduce if not eliminate ineffective processes within the technology portfolio is a pivotal component to success.






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