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Genius Project knows how to get along with others

Genius Project quickly and cost-effectively integrates with enterprise software applications including SAP,, Oracle JD Edwards, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Share point, Microsoft Office, IBM i (AS/400), HL7, Google Apps, and many more, using an Open Rest API. 

Genius Project’s integration platform allows you to quickly leverage your Genius Project investment by providing you access to The Genius API allowing your organization to integrate with a wide range of enterprise applications.

Seamless Integration with Third-Party Applications

Whether you need to integrate the system with your CRM such as Salesforce, ERP system including SAP, Oracle and Microsoft or another 3rd party application, you will have access to the Genius Project Open REST API. An open API (Application Program Interface) provides developers with access to a proprietary software application for the purpose of developing new apps. For integration purposes, APIs act as an intermediary that allow application programs to interact with each other. 

Native Integrations with Microsoft Project and Microsoft Office

Genius Project provides a native integration with familiar Microsoft Office applications, allowing users to benefit from advanced document authoring, formatting, accurate printing, reporting and data analysis. Furthermore, Genius Project makes the most of your current use of Microsoft Project by providing bi-directional synchronization and import/export capabilities of your schedules and plans with your project data residing in Genius Project.

Genius Project maximizes your productivity with the following Microsoft solutions natively:

  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Outlook 

Built for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino

Genius Project is designed to work with your IBM Lotus Notes and Domino platform, without the use of third party software. Genius Project offer a 100% Notes based solution that requires no external executables or libraries (DLLs), and guarantees absolute compatibility with your existing information environment and infrastructure.


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