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The Indonesia Stock Exchange


The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), as the only stock exchange in Indonesia, plays an important role to facilitate stock trading and as a regulator of the capital market in Indonesia. In 2013, the average daily stock trading volume reached 5.502,69 millon shares and average daily stock trading values reached 6.238,21 billion rupiah.


Our IT Project Management Office (PMO) needed to coordinate IT projects, monitor schedules, implement milestones and track projects progress so their results would follow the plan. IDX needed to store all project progress and deliverables including procurement documents, Gantt Charts, project management plans, etc.

This coordination was needed to avoid schedules and resources conflicts amongst the IT projects. “We needed a tool to monitor and communicate between IT PMs.”

Moreover, reports are currently created manually and then communicated to the top management for making key decisions. With automatic reports and dashboards, errors and delays will dissapear, helping us taking better decisions.


Genius Project has many features for planning, monitoring project and also portfolios features that helped IDX solving its problems. “We can use resource planning feature to see the IT resources schedule, the reminder feature to alert us about the milestones and we can also store all the project deliverables.” Its portfolio views and collaborative platform Genius Live! allows PMs to have a view of all other projects and communicate together easily.


“Genius Project can provide informative, interesting and customized reports based on IDX needs. With those reports, the top management can make faster and more accurate decisions”. Given all the features available, the price is very reasonable and competitive.

idx and genius project
Mr. Ito Warsito
President Director of the Indonesian Stock Exchange