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IAK Resources AG


IAK Resources AG is an international group for raw materials based in Switzerland. In addition to its many European affiliates, IAK Resources AG is a global organization also represented in Asia, Africa and South America.


Being a global organization, IAK Resources AG was faced with the insurmountable challenge to centrally plan, manage and execute projects from its headquarters, while addressing the unique needs of its different business units spread across several continents and countries. As a result, IAK was unable to efficiently invoice its various business units, effectively track time and expenses, and had poor visibility when managing resources across projects. Furthermore, its decentralized system to capture project information hindered its team's ability to make strategic investment decisions, and limited their ability to stop or discard unprofitable or high risk projects residing in their pipeline.


Following their extensive research and assessment of many solutions in the marketplace, including attending a number of technology tradeshows, endless web searches and numerous product demonstrations, IAK's team was discouraged in their search to find the best project management solution to fit their needs.

Finally their evaluation of Genius Project was different. Genius Project demonstrated to IAK its ability to deliver a project management solution to meet all of their needs. For their team, Genius Project offered “Swiss Army Knife” results on a web based platform. 

Although initially the new changes required IAK's team to adopt a new way of working, in a matter of weeks Genius Project improved productivity and streamlined their processes among multiple projects and sub-projects, as well as the daily work performed within the projects themselves. As a result, Genius Project provided a centralized system optimizing the utilization and planning of resources.


Genius Project's flexibility and ease of customization has led to a more streamlined invoicing system, a better evaluation of on-site projects and improved decision making. For the IAK management team this means that their ability to plan and track projects, as well as reduce risks has greatly improved. Genius Project has also eliminated the need to assign roles and rights to project team members.

With the quick paced and unpredictable reality of the raw materials industry, Genius Project provides the best project management platform for IAK's needs. Not only does Genius Project allow for careful planning above ground, it also delivers the necessary flexibility to quickly adapt to the unpredictable changes the can occur below ground. Genius Project has helped IAK effectively track projects, identify areas for outsourcing, andquickly update resources and plans while never losing sight of project costs and objectives.

Genius Project also provides IAK additional value added features by:

- improving the management of project documents (regardless of the format).

- including a wide range of tools to select, track and evaluate new ideas and project requests.

- offering what-if-scenario planning for risk analysis and supporting change management. 

- streamlining planning processes and the distribution of task lists.

Moreover, Genius Project delivers highly flexible dashboard and reporting capabilities, which can be individually customized and designed, as well as automatically generated and distributed based on configurable security settings.

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