Rename a Project or Change Project Code

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It is possible to rename a project at any time. This function allows you to change the project name and code at the same time.

To rename a project:

Open the project description.

Place the document into edit mode by clicking on the "Edit" button on the action menu bar.

Click on the "Actions" button and select Rename from the drop down menu.

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A dialog box will open displaying the current project name. Replace it with the new project name and click "OK" to confirm the change. Click "Cancel" to cancel the change.

GP V7.2 User Manual_20131115 - CI_GI - 01-06_img132

Once the changes have been confirmed, the new project name will be the displayed in the project description.

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Note:If the project code does not generate automatically, the code can be changed as well, in the same dialog box.