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Project deadline calculation

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The project deadline, which appears in the project header is computed as described below.


The project deadline is only computed for active projects. No deadline is computed for stand-by, cancelled or postponed projects. Once a project is completed, the deadline is not computed anymore, so the state at the project’s completion is kept.

Two deadlines are calculated:

One based on initial dates.

The other based on planned dates.

A parameter in the setup allows indicating which one is displayed. In the project description, a tooltip shows which one is displayed when hovering the mouse over it. The parameter can be found in the first tab of the "General" setup document, "Projects" table. By default, the deadline based on the planned dates is displayed. The existing projects are not updated when migrating. But once they are updated, the modification of the parameter is applied at once. There is no need to synchronize the dates of the project once again.

The project deadline is updated when synchronizing the plan, or directly from within the project description, by clicking on the refresh icon in the "Plan" table.

Project not yet started

As long as an active project has no actual start date:

if the initial / planned end date is in the past, the deadline is red,

if the initial / planned start date is in the past, the deadline is orange,

otherwise, it is green.

Project started

As soon as a project has an actual start date, the calculation is performed by comparing the initial / planned end date to the current end date (EAC date found in Genius Planner).

if the EAC end date is in the past, the deadline is red,

as long as the EAC end date is not in the past, and equals or is earlier than the initial / planned end date, the deadline is green,

When the EAC end date is after the initial/planned end date,

the initial/planned end date is in the past, the deadline is red,

otherwise, it is orange.

If it is impossible to calculate the deadline, because the project is not active, or dates are missing, then a white dot is displayed.

Modifications in the project description

The start date of the project is no more displayed in the "Plan" table, but was moved to the "Description" table.

The "Plan" table now contains a planned start date, that can be locked or not. When the dates are locked, it is then also calculated from the data in Genius Planner.

This initial and EAC dates were added in the "Plan" table, but are not displayed by default. A link allows hiding them or displaying them again.

The dates of a new project are locked by default.

The EAC dates can never be unlocked.