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Beginner's Guide<br>to Project Collaboration
Beginner's Guide
to Project Collaboration
Chapter 8:

Genius Project

Genius Project provides collaboration capabilities to optimize project management.


The solution facilitates communication, improves collaboration and document management.

Notifications reinforce collaborative work because employees are informed of progress updates from their team members and project news. These notifications can be customized so that users only receive the notifications they find useful.

Dashboards can also be set to be generated and distributed automatically. In this way, information is disseminated and transparent because each person receives the same indicators.

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Social Collaboration:

The social collaboration platform offers features that optimize collaboration amongst the project team. Project boards, calendar integration, automatic document distribution and the workflow engine reduce the number of emails exchanged and optimize collaboration.

Genius Project offers a collaborative wall that resembles and works like social networks. This dedicated area allows for discussion and can be set to prompt notifications for important information. The wall allows you to comment on a project or document, answer questions, and ask the whole team to access essential information. Genius Live! allows you to view all activities related to a project quickly.


The software also creates workflows to automate and consolidate processes. Genius Project workflows are role-based and can include validating or approving phases or creating documents automatically. These workflows track progress and can even be integrated into Genius Live! to facilitate user adoption.

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Documentation Collaboration:

The software allows you to manage documents so that all the people on the team have access to the right information during the execution of the project.

Genius Project’s workflow engine allows you to define revision and approval processes for all project documents. Document collaboration also involves automatic notifications when changes have been made to project documents, as well as the discussion thread, attached to each document, or online review.

Employees are always assured of access to the most current version of the document.

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To learn more about how Genius Project can support your project collaboration needs, click here.

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