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Beginner's Guide<br>to Project Collaboration
Beginner's Guide
to Project Collaboration
Chapter 6:


Top 10 Wikipedia Links

Collaborative Working Environment:
Overview of collaborative work environments and work systems.

Collaborative Project Management:
The history and features of collaborative project management.

Description of collaboration as a concept.

Collaborative Software:
Description of collaborative software or groupware.

Document Collaboration:
Description and recent developments of document collaboration.

Open Collaboration:
Definition of open collaboration.

Comparison of project management software:
Comparison charts of project management software based on general information, features  and monetary features.

Social Collaboration:
Definition and comparison to social networking.

Mass Collaboration:
Definition of mass collaboration and how it differs from cooperation, online forum, co-authoring and collective online tools.

Enterprise Project Management:
Description of enterprise project management in broad terms.


Top 10 Blogs

Project Management Collaboration Tools:
An article by Elizabeth Harrin about project management collaboration tools.

The Reality of Collaboration:
White paper by Genius Project about collaboration in the enterprise space.

How to Manage Projects Remotely:
Blog by Genius Project about managing projects across multinational teams and offices.

The Importance of Enterprise Collaboration:
Blog by Genius Project explaining why it’s important to foster collaboration in the enterprise space.

What is Project Collaboration?: offers their definition of project collaboration, different types of collaboration and PM benefits of collaboration.

6 Tips to Become a More Collaborative Project Manager:
Blog by LiquidPlanner about how to be an effective team leader to foster more collaboration.

Here’s Why Project Collaboration is Just as Important as Project Management:
Blog by Axero about the importance of project collaboration.

Project Collaboration Obstacles: How to Overcome Them:
Blog by about the potential obstacles of project collaboration and how to manage them.

Achieving Collaboration Without Breaking the Bank:
Blog by PMtimes about implementing a project collaboration within a company.

The Project Management Hut - Simplify Collaboration Within Your Project Management Software:
How software can support project collaboration.

Top 5 Linkedin Groups

NQI - Collaborative Project Management:
This group is part of NQI’s goal to encourage discussions, conversations and sharing of experiences regarding all things related to project management, management of project portfolios (PPM) and collaboration.

Castlebreck - Knights of Collaboration:
Castlebreck provides everything you need to be successful with your Social Business Project.

Collaboration & Project Management:
Collaboration and Project Management are intimately tied together. There is rarely a successful Project without a highly effective Collaboration. On the other hand, most of the Collaboration activities occurs within the course of a Project where a team has to deliver something within a given time frame.

Project Lab - trends, tech and project collaboration:
Join us in the discussion on trends, tech and tools for project collaboration excellence. Sometime acting as a forum for the Project Lab blog.

Project Management and Collaboration Innovation:

PMCI wants to deal with topics like:

  • How to make project management tools more user friendly?
  • How to make collaboration platforms more intuitive?
  • How to make project management tools smarter?

Top 4 Trainings + Certifications

Teamwork and collaboration in the workplace: Free course:
A 6-day course that will walk you through creating the right daily task lists, keeping track of task plans, improving pm skills for your team, setting team goals and achieving them, and more.

Project Collaboration with Sharepoint:
Hosted by the University of Denver this course focuses on the role of collaboration as a critical success factor in project planning and execution.

Collaboration Skills Training:
Hosted by Business Training Works, this course provides teams with tools that encourage collaboration during meetings, offer conflict resolution tactics, and suggest a multitude of methods to spawn ideas, improve reasonability and evaluate different options.

Teamwork & Collaborative Training:
Bruce Mayhew Consulting’s Teamwork and Collaboration training provides the tools and opportunities participants need to experience the benefits of collaboration.

Top 5 Project Collaboration Software

Genius Project:
Enterprise project management software with its own social collaboration platform, Genius Live! has powerful social media capabilities, a configurable role-based workflow engine, project updates and more.

Project management software with collaboration features such as team communication and document management.

Project management software for all teams offering project collaboration features such as tagging individuals and a live activity stream.

Clarizen provides online project collaboration software that combines the power of cloud computing with social interactions.

Mavenlink unifies the task management software silos that prevent your teams from knowing what to do next. By linking conversations to tasks and people, everyone stays informed.


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