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Beginner's Guide<br>to Project Collaboration
Beginner's Guide
to Project Collaboration
Chapter 5:


Q: Can projects be managed collaboratively?
A: Yes, project management is largely based on communication and collaboration within the team.


Q: Can multiple people work on a document in project management software?
A: Yes, it is often possible to share documents and modify them online.


Q: Are there any solutions to organize online videoconferences?
A: Yes, there are many solutions, some of which were mentioned in the previous chapter.


Q: Can I receive notifications when a project milestone is met?
A: Yes, some project management softwares allow you to customize email notifications for optimal response times.


Q: Can I hide some information from my shared calendar?
A: Yes, most tools offer privacy settings to adjust as required.


Q: Is it possible to share my presentation with my collaborators in an online meeting?
A: Yes, most tools offer a space for the participants to see the presentation.


Q: Are shared documents saved or archived?
A: It depends on the tool being used. It’s recommended to perform regular backups.


Q: Is it possible to manage a project if the offices are located in different countries?
A: Yes, project management software can remedy this problem by centralizing information so that project teams can stay informed, no matter  their location.


Q: How do you choose the best project management software among the wide array of options?
A: There are many solutions, but they widely vary from one another. You have to perform a thorough analysis of your company’s needs to understand which features are most important to you and to find the solution that matches those requirements.


Q: Can we publish our training materials online so that the entire company can access it?
A: Yes, there are platforms that disseminate training materials and allow employees to access them at any time.


Q: What is groupware?
A: It’s a type of software that promotes collaborative work and enables people to share documents remotely.


Q: Can I receive customized notifications with project management software?
A: Yes, it’s usually possible to customize notifications in order to receive those that are most important to the user.


Q: Is there a difference between cooperating and collaborating?
A: Cooperation is based on self-organization and individual goals while performing together for the sake of helping each other out. Collaboration is based on people working together around a common goal or project.


Q: Is training required for collaborative tools?
A: It depends on the group of people and the tool. Some people use simple and intuitive tools, so there is little to no need for training. Some companies implement more complex solutions, for which training can be offered.


Q: Can the intranet be replaced by a corporate social network?
A: Yes, the company JC Decaux has completely replaced its intranet. All information is available on the CSR and employees have access to it regardless of their location.


Q: How do you know which collaborative tools to implement within a company?
A: First, you have to establish and prioritize your required features. Then, you can probe the practices of your employees in an effort to understand what kinds of tools they already use and what features they most wish to use/have. Adoption will be faster and more effective when you get your teams’ feedback on the different tools you’re evaluating.


Q: Does collaboration always mean working in the same office?
A: No. Thanks to new technologies, employees no longer need to be in the same office. They simply need a system to communicate and collaborate on.


Q: Can a small company also work collaboratively?
A: Yes, you need to assess the needs of the company and install the appropriate applications. In many cases, free applications may be suitable for companies with smaller teams.


Q: Are data transfers subject to specific regulations and laws?
A: Yes, you have to be aware of the compliance rules according for the specific country and industry.

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