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Beginner’s Guide to Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
Beginner’s Guide to Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
Chapter 8:

About Genius Project

Genius Project is designed for highly collaborative multi-project environments in the enterprise space. The system boasts innovative functions such as, a social collaboration platform, email and calendar integration, configurable and role-based workflows, as well as, calendar synchronization.

Genius Project is highly adaptable and flexible. The system’s powerful features include precise analysis tools for defining key performance indicators, metrics, and risk factors that provide an accurate overview, as well as, soft booking capabilities that enable precise capacity planning and resource utilization. Progress and degree of project development can also be measured using key performance indicators (KPI).

Genius Project is compatible with industrial processes standards, such as, ISO-9001 or ISO / TS 16949, as well as, the related Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP).

For new product development projects in particular, stage gate and ad hoc reporting are available to plan projects with phases and stages. There’s also the possibility of using a balanced scorecard to configure views based on individual needs. A separate Gantt chart rounds off the range of functions.

At Genius Project, special attention is paid to user friendliness and acceptance. This is particularly evident in the attractive interface and in new modules, such as the Social Collaboration Platform Genius Live!, which allows posting on a pinboard, among other things.

Genius Project is designed to adapt to the individual requirements of companies and offers the possibility to be integrated into the existing system landscape, dependent on the platform or platform-independent. Genius Project is available as an on-premise or cloud solution.

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