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Beginner’s Guide to Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
Beginner’s Guide to Project Portfolio Management (PPM)
Chapter 6:


Top 7 Blogs

3 Reasons You Need Project Portfolio Management Software
Blog by Wrike explaining the benefits of using software to manage project portfolios.

How to Make Your PPM Solution Implementation a Success
Blog by Genius Project outlining the steps to a smooth PPM software implementation.

PM Software is from Mars...or is it Venus? What is Project Portfolio Management 
Blog by Genius Project about project portfolio management as a top down approach to strategizing projects.

Project Portfolio Management: The Resources Make the Decision
Blog by Meisterplan about project portfolio management theory from the perspective of resources.

Project Portfolio Management Strategy Guide for CIOs
Blog by Kanbanize about how CIOs can leverage their PPM strategy.

Project Portfolio Management as a Game Changer: Why Businesses Need PPM in 2017 to Drive Value
Blog by Easy Projects about project portfolio management as a value driver and a means to a competitive advantage.

What is Project Portfolio Management?
Blog by about the purpose of project portfolio management.

Top 5 Linkedin Groups

PPM Project Portfolio Management
This is a group for professionals who are looking for other professionals active in the field of project portfolio management. Goal is to establish a network for sharing knowledge and best practices.

PPM Academy
A group for Project Program & Portfolio Managers to discuss current and future trends in PPM and Interview Industry Experts. The focus of this group's discussions will be on the impact PPM implementations have on the culture of organizations and agencies.

PMLink - Project Management Link - Project, Program & Portfolio Managers
PM Link is the link between Project and Management. This LinkedIn group is for all Project, Program, and Portfolio Managers looking for or willing to discuss best practices, methodology, tools, jobs, etc.

IT Project, Program and Portfolio Managers
IT project portfolio management (IT-PPM) encompasses the knowledge, techniques, and tools necessary to manage the software products (COTS, Bespoke, Hybrid...), processes (Waterfall, Agile, RUP, SDLC phases, Metrics, Risk Mngt, Delivery...) and resources (Team/Stakeholder mngt, PM tools, Budgets etc..).

Portfolio and Project Management Professionals (PPM)
Consulting and/or working professionals with in depth experience, knowledge and skill in the area of Portfolio and Project Management (PPM). PPM professionals should have more than 7 years experience with designing, implementing, supporting and/or utilizing PPM processes and solutions.

Our Top 5 Project Scheduling Software

Genius Project
Genius Project's PPM capabilities allows users to group actual and potential projects in order to define scores and compare them at the portfolio level.

Microsoft Project Portfolio Management
Microsoft PPM helps decision makers easily model different portfolio scenarios to determine the best strategic path by weighing project proposals against strategic business drivers and considering the cost and resource constraints within an organization.

This customizable PPM solution provides project managers and executives the ability to analyze investments, plan capacity, manage risks, and control expenses better.

Clarizen enables users to monitor, track and manage all projects in the pipeline, and across the portfolio.

By integrating planning and execution, Planview’s project portfolio management software enables IT leaders to optimize their project portfolios, balance capacity against demand, and link plans and resources to project execution.

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