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Beginner's Guide<br>to Project Scheduling
Beginner's Guide
to Project Scheduling
Chapter 8:


Q: What is a project schedule in Project Management?

A: The Project schedule is a timetable which indicates the work which needs to be done, how long the tasks will take, when they will start and end, who will work on them and how long the entire project will take to complete.


Q: How many milestones do I need to create my schedule?

A: There’s no limit. You have to create them based on the major progress points of the project. Milestones also help keep the team motivated by reaching short term goals throughout the project lifecycle.


Q: What is a Gantt chart in Project Management?

A: It is a visual graph which gives an overview of tasks and deadlines.


Q: Where do I find Gantt chart templates?

A: The Internet has a lot of free templates. If you use a PPM solution, a gantt chart is included.


Q: Can I modify my schedule?

A:Yes, the schedule needs to be adapted and updated.


Q: Do I need a certification to be a PM?

A: No. Some project manager positions do not require a certification.


Q: Is it important to have milestones?

A: Yes, it’s important to gauge the progress of the project

Q: What is a WBS?

A: WBS stands for work breakdown structure. It is a deliverable-oriented decomposition of a project into smaller components.


Q: Is a project schedule the same as a project management plan?

A: No. A project schedule is part of the project management plan. The schedule deals with specifics, like due dates and task/project durations. The plan is the collection of plans such as goals and objectives, scope, budget, project schedule, etc.


Q: Can the critical path change?

A: Yes, because it is an estimation of a project duration. Changes in the start/end dates of tasks  will modify the critical path automatically.


Q: What is a roadmap in Project Management?

A: A roadmap is a graphical, high level overview of the project’s goals and deliverables on a timeline.


Q: What is a schedule variance?

A: It is an indicator showing if the project is ahead or behind from the plan.

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