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Genius Project Wins 2015 BSOCO ERP Award

Genius Project was awarded the 2015 Bronze BSOCO Award in the ERP category


Montreal, Canada - After careful consideration reviewing the top ERP vendors in the marketplace, the BSOCO community has awarded Genius Project a Bronze award in its ERP Category for 2015.  Users scored Genius Project at a remarkable 6,531 points on the BSOCO index, exceeding user expectations in every rated area. 

The innovative BSOCO community website questions users about software performance. Their responses are used to establish an index. Genius Project was evaluated according to 4 criteria (performance, usability, reliability and services). The BSOCO index is further influenced by the popularity of the software on the BSOCO website in terms of the number of voters and frequency of their votes.  Genius Project scored over 1,000 points above the average BSOCO index satisfactory score of 5,500 which rates a solution as "a good product meeting general needs."

Genius Project delivers enterprise workforce software capabilities by empowering organizations to centralize business and project information in a single cloud-based solution while integrating the important business processes that are critical to running any project-centric organization.  Vasily Klimko, Director of Global Marketing states, "The BSOCO award is one more testament in our 17 year history proving our successful leadership serving our end user community with powerful, flexible and easy to use enterprise project management software."


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