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IBM Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino Integration

Extended Integration with Lotus Notes and Domino

Delivering a code-free adaptor that additionally connects Genius Project with Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino, leveraging iBOLT technology, Genius Project’s integration platform allows you to easily integrate Genius Project’s solution with your existing Lotus Notes and Domino environment providing your team with a consolidated view of their business and real-time data in those systems.

Genius Project’s integration platform allows you to integrate Genius Project with your Lotus Notes and Domino environment connecting composite applications as well as popular enterprise systems, such as, SAP, Microsoft Sharepoint, and more. With Genius Project’s integration platform you can synchronize Genius Project with your Lotus custom applications. In addition, the integration platform provides a code-free configuration of processes, a visual data tool to transform data from any format, and an integration wizard to simplify the process.




IBM Lotus Notes Integration Highlights and Benefits

  • Create an end to end view of all your project information.

  • Connect Genius Project to the powerful capabilities of your custom Lotus Notes application

  • Eliminate the need for lengthy development, testing or implementation.

  • Out-of-the-box business logic, administration, communication and monitoring

  • Deliver consistent project data across all your Lotus Notes and Domino systems


Advantages of a Lotus Notes Project Management Software

  • Minimal investment: Genius Project for Domino requirements are modest; only 1 server (that does not need to be dedicated to Genius Project) for all of its features. And it can easily be distributed between multiple servers for scalability.
  • Easy to install and maintain: The Genius Project installation process is extremely simple and consists of copying databases on the Domino server and sending an email to the users involved. In only 15 minutes the solution is installed and users are more organized and efficient!
  • Security: Genius Project makes use of all Notes/Domino advantages without compromising company security or confidentiality.
  • Replication: Genius Project supports all replication functions, allowing you to work offline without sacrificing data integrity.
  • Integration with other Lotus Notes databases: Genius Project is delivered with a comprehensive API that allows you to link or integrate other Lotus Notes databases.
  • Document Management: The Genius Project repository stores all documents in Notes databases. All referential documentation is created in Lotus databases, either through Project for Domino’s 100% Notes API, or by using the basic Lotus Notes functions, like «DocLinks».
  • Tight integration with Lotus Notes client: Genius Project lets you import resources from your address books, integrate emails into the projects, synchronize unavailabilities between your calendar and Genius and have your tasks appear directly into your to-do's.
  • Gantt chart: The Genius Planner, built-in Gantt chart is 100% web and Lotus Notes based. Plan and execute all of your projects directly from Lotus Notes with Genius Planner, our built-in Gantt chart tool.
  • A real IBM Lotus Domino Based Microsoft Project Server: With the Lotus Domino infrastructure Genius Project gives you greater web browser access features than even Microsoft Project Server. Yet, unlike Microsoft Project or others, our integration has no external dependencies (such as .EXE’s or .DLL’s), there’s no need for an additional database, and there is no ODBC connection necessary. With this approach you are able to work with the identical user interface, whether you choose a web browser or the Lotus Notes client.


Powerful Feature

Project Portfolio Management

Project Planning and Gantt Chart

Resource Management

Project Time and Expense Tracking

Project Tracking

Project Cost and Budgte Tracking

Project Invoicing 

Project Demand Management

Project Document Management

Project Team Collaboration

Project Risk and Change Management

Project Dashboards & Reporting

Workflow Engine


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