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Demand Management

Many companies face the challenge of having to deal with high volumes of projects either in progress or on hold, making it difficult to manage priorities. It is imperative to tackle each problem at the root and to sort and define priorities right from the Project Request stage. There are numerous types of requests; Genius Project allows you to collect and organize these requests and offers you the tools to better define priorities using ranking criteria.

Demand Management Software Highlights and Benefits

  1. Provide a thorough and documented review process
  2. Streamline the collection of new work and project requests
  3. Establish common criteria for incoming requests and simplify choice
  4. Collect, track and review all requests through a central repository
  5. Define common metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs) and risk factors for evaluating performance

Prioritize Project Requests According to Business Strategy

Genius Project helps you with your project demand management and idea management needs in selecting which project initiatives will be the most beneficial to your organization. Whether you follow a stage and gate process or not, Genius Project provides an intuitive and configurable demand management software to collect business initiatives and to score project requests and ongoing projects against them. Clear views and reports allow you to have an instant view of which projects meet key business goals.

Prioritize Project Requests According to Business Strategy

Project Request

From New Product Development (NPD) idea management and innovation management to IT project demand management, Genius Project's request management software supports all the various sources of project demands, formal project requests, change requests, incident report, etc.  Genius Project’s configurable forms and workflows allow users to easily collect project requests, and review and evaluate them.

Project Request

Review Project Requests

Since not all project request, project demand and idea management  initiatives can become a project, it is necessary to have a formal stage and gate process of reviewing each initiative by defining rankings and priorities.  Genius Project’s configurable workflow allows you to define project request review cycles to sort out which projects meet your key business goals delivering the ideal request management and idea management software integrated into a single project management system.

Review Project Requests
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