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Project Tracking

You need to be proactive to ensure optimal project steering. Genius Project is an ideal project tracking software that provides you with all the essential information to monitor your projects: resources used, estimated and actual costs, deliverables, task progression, and much more. You know what was done, how long it took, what it costs, what remains to be done, the problems encountered and the results. Visual indicators, easily interpreted progress reports and delay management are provided.

Project Tracking Software Highlights and Benefits

  1. Visual indicators
  2. Delays alerts and reminders
  3. Actual vs. planned
  4. Deliverable tracking
  5. Approval tracking
  6. Personal dashboard
  7. Personal calendar
  8. Accurate tasks and to do follow-up

Project Tracking Dashboards - Be Sure That You Are on the Right Track

Dashboards are displays that summarize details in a concise management summary all in a single project tracking software. These displays show color-coded indicators and a collection of project statistics. The six standard project indicators shown are Project Time Tracking, Cost, Effort, Progress, Issue and Risk. For each project you set targets for the Completion Time, Budget and Completion Effort.

Project Tracking Dashboards - Be Sure That You Are on the Right Track

Project Tracking

Genius Project delivers configurable project tracking and task tracking dashboards in a single project tracking software.  Based on the unique needs of your different users and stakeholders project tracking dashboards can be configured to display and share mission-critical project tracking details to ensure the most relevant information is accessible at your team's finger tips.

Project Tracking

Personal Project Tracking - Always Be Aware of Your Work

Genius Project is a project tracking software that provides personal dashboards to see all your planned, on-going and requested activities, the documents and reports you have to work with, a clear view of processes and workflows in which you are involved including project time tracking and task tracking.

Personal Project Tracking - Always Be Aware of Your Work
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