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Does your solution have email & calendar integration?

Genius Project provides email and calendar integration, which means you can integrate emails as project notes and create a discussion related to a document, project, issue, etc.

Do you have budget management?

Genius Project provides enhanced budget management with detailed definition of project budget and also tracking.

What is the main difference between Genius Project and other Project Management systems?

Genius Project is the most comprehensive project and portfolio management solution on the market. One of its highlights is the solution’s flexibility with its simple set up to exactly fit your business processes and enterprise.

What kind of system requirements do I need for Genius Project?

For Genius Project for Web: You only need a web browser, (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) and an internet connection. Genius Project supports both Mac and PC. For Genius Project for Domino, you need a Lotus Domino Server.

How can I know what space I'll use to store all my project data? (only for Genius Project On-Demand)

The size you'll actually use cannot be predicted. For instance, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel files are very light in comparison to an Adobe Photoshop document. You can always purchase additional space at any time.

What are the main advantages with SaaS?

The software only requires web access. One fee that includes everything and no worries about setup, maintenance, upgrades. No large up-front investment.

How do I cancel my service of Genius Project?

For Genius Project for Web: You need to cancel the renewal one month before the end of the contract and order a back-up read-only database, if needed. For Genius Project for Domino, the maintenance can be cancelled one month prior before the automatic renewal of the contract.

How can I be sure that my data is safe in Genius Project on Demand?

Genius Project is stored on one the most secure location in Switzerland and Canada. All your data is backed up on a daily basis. Backup tapes are stored in an off-site facility. Check the security section in this page.

Does Genius Project work with any type of e-mail?

Yes, Genius Project supports Microsoft Outlook, Google GMail, Yahoo!, Hotmail and any other mail programs.

Does Genius Project send a notification when a task is created?

Yes, Genius Project automatically sends an email with the link to the task to the concerned resource.