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Document Management

Genius Project manages all project related documents. It provides document templates and helps to structure information. These can be easily extended with a series of pre-defined documents, according to your requirements.

Document Management Software Highlights and Benefits

  1. Document library
  2. Versioning
  3. Classification
  4. Check-in check-out
  5. Document history
  6. Plain text search
  7. Discussion thread
  8. Customizable document template
  9. Microsoft Office integration

Integrate Existing Documents

Genius Project and its internal templates allow you to integrate all your project documents into the reference system, whatever their format (Excel, Word, WordPro, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Acrobat, AutoCAD, etc.). You can then design your own document formats in a single project document management software. 

Integrate Existing Documents

A Real Project Documentation Tool

Genius Project is a project management software that is more than just a file store in the project database; it delivers complete document management software capabilities allowing you to attach files and comments to any piece of information, such as tasks, deliverables, project descriptions, and many others, thus creating a discussion thread.  You can also link project documents from different projects.

A Real Project Documentation Tool

Document Review and Approval

Genius Project provides the latest in project document management functionality that facilitates collaboration on project documents between project team members, such as automatic change notifications, discussion threads, on line review, etc.  The unique Genius Project workflow engine allows users to benefit from a comprehensive project document management software feature set empowering users to define any kind of revision or approval process for all types of project documents, including encapsulated office documents.

Document Review and Approval
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