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How to Meet the Challenges of Human Resource Management in Project Management?

Human resources are essential to the success of a project, and yet, they remain difficult to control. In 2013, a KPMG study showed that the mismanagement of human resources is accountable for a third of project failures. Project management is the process of organizing and planning several interchangeable resources. And today, software has taken over written requests for resources. Increasingly powerful, project management systems help companies deliver their projects.

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Ways to Manage the Fear of Scope Creep

Scope Creep, as the term sounds tends to give the “creeps” to the project manager if it happens to their project. It is treated as a threat to any given project as it will cause the “project triangle” which consists of cost, schedule and scope to be affected, which will also indirectly affect the quality and profitability of a project.

Benefits & Realization Management

There is no single definition for “success” in project management. Project success is often measured using the following key factors: compliance with budget, time, scope and quality. But whether this results in a benefit at the company level, is a whole other story. 

Benefits management aims at understanding the the value of the project after its completion.

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Talent Management: Success Generator for Project-Oriented Companies

Project and program management have a great influence on the strategic planning of companies. Implementation and success rates decide if and how changes might affect the company. In particular, long-term initiatives implemented through program management ensure good talent management and are crucial for success. Projector-oriented companies need to use the right talent to carry out their strategic initiatives; doing so leads to a decisive competitive advantage.

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How to Prepare For Project Initiation

Project initiation is when most project managers get involved in a project for the first time. The project itself might have been talked about for months, and has probably spent time being scrutinized by senior management. Your leadership team might have seen several versions of the business case and finally they’ve made the decision to go ahead with this piece of work.

That’s when a project manager normally gets involved, although sometimes project managers assist with preparing the business case too. Once that business case is approved the hard work really begins. In this white paper, we set out the essentials to have in place prior to beginning the execution of any project including set up of the team and tools, and securing sponsorship.

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How to Prepare Your Project Schedule More Quickly

It used to be a lot harder to schedule project work because the tools we had weren’t as good as the ones available today. It also took a long time to get people together, whereas today we can meet virtually. Today, you can get your project team up and running quickly with an accurate schedule. And in this document we’ll explain how.

Beginner's Guide to Project Portfolio Management

If you work in a large organization, you’re no stranger to project overload. The demand is there, but the question is, should you bite? Is the project aligned with the company’s goals and objectives? What are the risks vs the rewards? Do you have the necessary resources to successfully execute and deliver on this project? Project Portfolio Management (PPM) examines all of these questions and more. 

The Benefits of Visual Project Management

People with a visual preference for capturing information have always doodled or mindmapped their To Do lists, whereas those with a preference for creating lists opt for an ordered list of tasks. What we’re seeing now is that project management tools are getting better at catering for both preferences, and making it easier to share information visually with the people who need it. And at the same time, making it easier for everyone else to grasp complex ideas through simple graphics.

Project managers need to think about how they can break away from long documents and present project progress and other project information in a graphical format. Somewhat ironically, we’re going to talk more about that in this white paper.

7 Steps to Close Your Project Effectively

What’s the most important part of a project? You might say: starting effectively, with a fully-thought through business case. Or the execution stage, where you are monitoring and controlling the work in order to hit your targets and deadlines. 

But there’s another area of the project that is arguably more important than either of those: closure. 

When a project isn’t finalised and handed over to the support teams effectively, there are several risks. Ultimately, what’s at stake is the effective delivery of benefits. Yes, the reason you did the project in  the first place. If your project customers can’t make use of what you have given them, they won’t  use it. If they don’t use it, the organization doesn’t receive the planned benefits. And if the planned  benefits aren’t delivered, the whole project was, well, kind of pointless, right?  In this white paper we’re going to discuss how to avoid that. 



When evaluating Genius Project, we found that it had a great balance between price and available functionalities.The solution is highly customizable to fit one's reality and integrates seamlessly via an open API. They display an excellent knowledge-base via a combination of their experts and web content.

Ibrahima Bah
IT Project Manager

The main reason for selecting Genius Project can be attributed to the first class service delivered by the Genius team confirming that we can build a long standing partnership with a trusted advisor, rather than just a transactional supplier/customer relationship. 

Another big factor in selecting Genius Project is the fact it delivers 90% of what we need today out-of-the-box and has the scalability and flexibility along with its technical team to meet our future needs.  In addition, Genius Project's user-friendly GUI is nice, clean and easy to follow with direct terminology and menu options that can adapt to our business.

Matt Harrison
Head of Programmes & Service Development