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The shift from project-based management to (digital) product-based management

Since the beginning of time, humanity has never ceased to evolve, nor stopped pushing the boundaries of capability, capacity and productivity. Although actual progress was painstakingly slow for centuries on end, it began accelerating incrementally this past century to finally reach the outstanding speed it has achieved today. The rate of progress is such that change has become the new constant; and with change, comes the need for adaptation. The story behind this white paper reflects just one of these particular adaptations, which, being at the heart of business management is unavoidably changing the core focus of companies striving to adapt to today’s digital realities.

10 steps to optimally "manage" workload management

Workload management is one of the crucial pillars of project management that is often underestimated and readily dismissed. One might argue that it’s just another aspect of routine work life that needs to be dealt with. But that right there, is the first critical mistake generally made when considering workload management. Before reading the rest of this paper, be prepared to modify your outlook and to understand that “dealing” with workload is not the same thing as “managing” it; nor does it achieve the same results.

Will Project Managers Be Replaced By Bots and AI?

Project management AI can use this understanding of large data and trends within it to uncover insights, performs more complex tasks, and make decisions and recommendations at a level at which regular humans aren’t able to do today.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Future of Project Management

Although the term has been around for several decades now; for many, it still holds a science fiction ring to it. With varying understandings and interpretations of the concept it’s no surprise that feelings towards AI continue to be vastly mixed, even today. On the one side, you have those worrying about the ethical and existential implications or simply fearing AI will rob them of a job and render human labour futile. And, then there are those who are fantasizing about the scope of potential advance in all areas of our lives from science and healthcare to entertainment and travel.

How to Prepare For Project Initiation

Project initiation is when most project managers get involved in a project for the first time. The project itself might have been talked about for months, and has probably spent time being scrutinized by senior management. Your leadership team might have seen several versions of the business case and finally they’ve made the decision to go ahead with this piece of work.

That’s when a project manager normally gets involved, although sometimes project managers assist with preparing the business case too. Once that business case is approved the hard work really begins. In this white paper, we set out the essentials to have in place prior to beginning the execution of any project including set up of the team and tools, and securing sponsorship.

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Beginner's Guide to Project Portfolio Management

If you work in a large organization, you’re no stranger to project overload. The demand is there, but the question is, should you bite? Is the project aligned with the company’s goals and objectives? What are the risks vs the rewards? Do you have the necessary resources to successfully execute and deliver on this project? Project Portfolio Management (PPM) examines all of these questions and more. 

5 Benefits of Project Workflow Management Systems

A workflow is a sequence of steps required to complete a task. In your workplace, you might know workflows as business processes. In a workflow, the work moves from one point to another, to another, until the work is complete. At each step in the workflow there is a transition, or handover.

Ways to Manage the Fear of Scope Creep

Scope Creep, as the term sounds tends to give the “creeps” to the project manager if it happens to their project. It is treated as a threat to any given project as it will cause the “project triangle” which consists of cost, schedule and scope to be affected, which will also indirectly affect the quality and profitability of a project.

3 Tools for Understanding Your Project Team’s Interfaces

There are a seemingly never-ending set of working relationships on projects. Project managers need to understand the interfaces between themselves, their immediate project team and others in the organization. Understanding those relationships helps get work done. You know who to speak to, how information moves around the business and who needs to take key decisions.

Benefits & Realization Management

There is no single definition for “success” in project management. Project success is often measured using the following key factors: compliance with budget, time, scope and quality. But whether this results in a benefit at the company level, is a whole other story. 

Benefits management aims at understanding the the value of the project after its completion.

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