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One of the primary goals project managers need to accomplish in their daily work is to deliver the necessary status reports to their stakeholders along with providing themselves with the mission-critical data that will impact their performance and the ultimate delivery of their projects.

This video shows which reports are the most important and that each project manager should be using.

Learn about the differences between SaaS and Installed PPM software options and the benefits of each. Topics covered include:

- Clarifying cloud
- SaaS vs. Installed
- Cloud PPM benefits
- Cloud PPM checklist

Learn more about the benefits of effectively addressing the process that underlines the outcome of your new product development (NPD) projects. Topics covered include:

- Introduction to Gated process concept
- Considerations defining NPD processes
- Challenges faced in NPD projects
- Common success factors

Learn about the impact a project document can have on your ability to act on relevant project information and how its effective management can keep you on the top of the game.  Topics covered include:

- What roles documents play in managing projects
- Common challenges in document management
- Advantages consolidating project documents
- Best practices establishing a documents strategy

Learn the benefits of developing effective project selection strategies that will ultimately impact the performance of your new project development projects. Topics covered include:

- Why project selection is critical to an organization's success
- Factors to consider when developing a project selection strategy
- Challenges in the selection process of new product development projects
- Project selection success factors

Discover the rise of social media in the project management world and  learn about its benefits and dangers in it application.  Topics covered include:

- Evolution of information worker
- Social media in the workspace
- Social PPM - where do we draw a line?
- Social PPM Checklist

Discover the strategies around evaluating and selecting PPM Software in order to find the best fit solution responding to your specific needs. Learn the 4 steps to effectively evaluate PPM software:

- How to pinpoint business pain
- Implementing a research strategy for success
- Developing a formal evaluation process
- Tips to effective vendor selection

Learn a step-by-step guide highlighting the necessary steps to prepare their teams for a successful PPM software deployment.  Learn the 4 steps to successfully deploy PPM software:

- The power of planning
- The importance of requirements gathering
- Building the best team for success
- Addressing the change management question

Discover the origins, challenges, strengths and weaknesses of Agile methodology and its impact on the project management world.   Topics covered include:

- History of Agile methodology
- Main reasons for increased popularity in Agile development
- Challenges in adopting the Agile approach
- Impact of the methodology on project leaders and their roles