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Highly configurable and tailored to your needs

Genius Project’s system configuration is highly flexible and adaptable to your business model - not the other way around. When you move ahead with the solution, a tool set is provided to enable you to take your business language, processes and information and map it to our system, in a simple and easy manner. This includes setting relevant business language for the drop down menus and additional fields, as well as, dashboards, reports, charts and document templates which are customized to your project-specific requirements. Among the customizable features, you will have the ability to setup security profiles and permissions for each individual user.


The solution’s unique role-based workflow engine can manage any kind of process from the most simple to the most complex. This can include parallel revision and approval, conditional transition of information and the automatic creation of data and documents. In addition, Genius Project can incorporate the desired flow cycles, gates and typical phase reviews and approvals that meet your organizational requirements.

workflow setup

Keywords and labels

The software is designed to accommodate your business language, with customizable keywords, labels and drop down menus that are relevant to your company, industry and respective projects.

Dashboards & charts

Genius Project provides a powerful platform for information delivery, which is mapped to the specifics of your projects, ensuring accurate budget, time and resource tracking, analysis and report creation.

Configurable navigation

With Genius Project, you can adapt the navigation to different user groups. Navigation is then accessible to everyone at any time and in accordance to their needs. Each user has quick and easy access to the most useful features.

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