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  • Access anytime, anywhere – Running the application only requires access to readily available web browser software such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.

  • Subscription based – You pay for the application on a yearly subscription basis. There are no large up-front software purchase fees.

  • Cost effective – You do not need to invest in hardware, operating systems, middleware, or end user applications; or the personnel required to maintain them all. Genius Project handles all of the setup, upgrades, backups and all other services required to keep the application running at peak performance. You can focus on the business at hand: Managing your projects.

  • No investment costs - The fees are registered as an operating expense, not as an investment, which makes it easier to get the budget approved.

  • Easy to maintain – There are no additional maintenance costs and no maintenance upgrades for you to install. The software is automatically upgraded as needed with no effort on your part.

  • Shareable – Data can be shared with staff and other business partners. However, you control who has access to what.

  • Secure – The applications are hosted off-site in limited access facilities and are backed up daily to provide extra protection from data loss.

  • Faster deployment – Since there is no server setup required and there are no applications to install locally, a SaaS application like Genius Project On-Demand can be up and running very quickly


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