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By submitting information, you acknowledge and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy concerning the use of the Genius Inside web site and its services. wins the Top-Innovator Excellence Award recently received the coveted “Top 100” award by Ranga Yogeshwar. 

Munich, GERMANY (June 29, 2015) - For more than twenty years, the "Top 100" Award has been recognized as an elite innovation award in Germany. On June 26th, 2015 GmbH was awarded the prestigious "Top 100" seal. Managing Director Christian Kotzbauer, met with Mentor Ranga Yogeshwar in Essen, to accept the award.

Successful innovation management at Genius Inside GmbH convinced the jury with their remarkable innovative strength and the success of their innovation activities. To achieve this, GmbH consistently uses state-of-the-art tools, which the Project management software maker develops in-house. The tools serve to support the evaluation of ideas, particularly of their risks, costs, budget and resources. This approach leads to quick and direct decision making, as well as quick responses. The main focus is smooth and effective communication, which GmbH manages with their own social collaboration platform “Genius Live” across all national and international offices. All innovation projects are planned and managed with their own Project management software “Genius Project”. 

The climate of innovation at Cerri,com GmbH is characterized in particular by a strong customer focus, proactive culture and flat hierarchies. Therefore, at GmbH market innovations and innovative improvements, take a 50% share of company profits. Quality process improvements led to a sales increase of 25% in 2014. Essentially, the innovation effort is 100% self-financed.

A forward-thinking Senior Management shows how much value the company places on the ideas and skills of its employees. "Our employees are our most important asset, therefore it is particularly important to us that they have plenty of room to give their ideas and suggestions”, says Christian Kotzbauer, Managing Director of GmbH. He adds, “To achieve this, we try to offer the best conditions by creating an exceptionally good working environment, whether it be in our office designs, attractive bonus schemes or through the personal contact we have with all of our employees.”

The award "Top 2015 Innovator" was presented by Mentor Ranga Yogeshwar to Christian Kotzbauer (Managing Director) and Sofia Hess (Marketing Manager in Germany).

Strict application process and criteria

This year, more candidates than ever were subjected to the rigorous selection process of the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Vienna University of Economics: 302 qualifiers were narrowed down to 234 finalist companies. 178 of them received the award in three size classes (with a maximum of 100 companies per size class). 71 national market leaders and 31 global market leaders made it into Germany’s top 100 innovators. Together, the top innovators registered more than 3,405 national and international patents in the past three years. Almost 41% of their turnover has been generated solely by market innovations and improvements, which they put on the market before their competitors (Average of all SMEs in Germany: 6.6 percent). The success is no coincidence: The top innovators invest an average of 10.5 percent of their turnover in research and development (average of all SMEs in Germany: 1.5 percent).

The Project management software maker is already working on their qualification for “Top 100” 2016. As it was announced at this year’s award ceremony, they are presently developing their next product innovation. According to GmbH, it is a market innovation with the internal code name “Cerri” and is set to revolutionize the software market.

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