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BSI (Banca della Svizzera Italiana)


BSI is a renowned Swiss bank based in Lugano, specializing in asset management and related services for private and institutional clients.

Over the years, BSI has evolved from a Swiss bank to an international corporation, growing right along with your interests. Since 1873 their passion, enthusiasm, know-how and innovation, intertwined with the continuity of history, have served as the driving force behind their company. BSI has an annual revenue of CHF 865 million and employs approximately 2,000 people.


BSI needed a solution to meet the Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O) best practices and drivers. With the lack of visibility into portfolios and projects, and fragmented reporting, BSI decided to seek a solution that would provide an unified and standardized view of their project information.


A solution offering portfolio management capabilities along with powerful reporting and analysis. BSI chose Genius Project as their solution to help their team achieve the necessary “big picture” view of their project portfolios, establish standards and processes ensuring consistency of project delivery (leveraging PRINCE2 methodology), and improve overall decision making.

Genius Project also provided BSI with a single source of truth through centralized reporting and management dashboards. Finally, it was selected to help them identify, understand and manage multiple and cross-project risks and issues, and deliver improved visibility of progress that would positively impact their portfolio of projects.


Once Genius Project was deployed, BSI was able to effectively focus on their project portfolios and establish a successful PPM practice streamlining portfolio analysis and approval workflows. This has resulted in the ability to better monitor project performance through issues, deliverables and risks and to follow the actual vs. planned schedules.

In addition, BSI has improved the tracking of milestones and has seen a clear improvement in the ability to easily manage the project information and reporting housed in a single project repository.

Silvia Benzi