Top 10 Project Management Predictions for 2019

1 February 2019
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top ten project management predictions for 2019

As we wrap up yet another busy year, all eyes inevitably turn towards the coming one. And in anticipating new expectations and objectives; we also wonder what new challenges lie in store for us. The world and markets are constantly changing but the start of a new year gives us the opportunity to reflect back on everything and look forward to what can be improved. That being said, and to help you prepare; here are 10 predictions we see shaping the Project Management world in 2019. Working remotely with consultants on project basis Already having made its entrance in the […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Want to be a Project Manager (PM)

27 July 2015
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Project Managers are highly coveted positions, especially in the IT sector. If project management is something you’re considering as a career path, you’re definitely on to something. It is both a highly challenging and highly rewarding career path. And here are the top 7 reasons why: 1. Leading a team: Hands down, one of the most rewarding aspects of being a PM is the satisfaction that comes with leading a team through a project, from idea to completion. If you develop a holistic approach to managing both a project and a team, being a leader is not only rewarding for […]

Part 3: PM Software is from Mars…Or is it Venus? What is Project Management

25 May 2015
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Continuing on in this 6 part series, with Parts 1 and 2 complete, we now arrive to the discussion of Project Management software. Of all the categories in the PM & PPM Universe, project management software is by far the most difficult to navigate. The reason being that every solution, no matter how simple or complex and regardless of what project management tools are actually offered, slot themselves into the PM software category. It is undoubtedly the most commonly used term to describe ALL the categories of PM & PPM software. Marketers are well tuned into this trend and do […]